more -- file perusal filter for crt viewing


more is as specified in the SUS but with differences as listed below.


The more command need not respect the LINES and COLUMNS environment variables.


specifies an integer which is the screen size (in lines).


has implementation-dependent behavior.


has implementation-dependent behavior.


has implementation-dependent behavior.


Either (1) clear the whole screen and then display the text (instead of the usual scrolling behavior), or (2) provide the behavior specified by the SUS. In the latter case, the syntax is "-p command".


has implementation-dependent behavior.


starts at line number num.


specifies a string that will be searched for before each file is displayed.

LSB Deprecated Differences

The behaviors specified in this section are expected to disappear from a future version of the LSB; applications should only use the non-LSB-deprecated behaviors.


prompts user with the message "[Press space to continue, 'q' to quit.]" and will display "[Press 'h' for instructions.]" instead of ringing the bell when an illegal key is pressed.


prevents the typical behavior where more treats ^L (form feed) as a special character and pauses after any line that contains a form feed.


counts logical, rather than screen lines (i.e., long lines are not folded).


The +num and +/string options are deprecated in the SUSv2; however we must continue to specify them because util-linux-2.11f does not support the SUS replacement (-p command). The SUSv2 +command is more general than what we specify, but util-linux-2.11f appears to only support the more specific +num and +/string forms.